Find the Right Chemical Peel for You

Chemical peel treatments are performed as a means to stimulate healthy skin growth. If the epidermal layer is removed via the application of an acid, the body responds by accelerating the creation of replacement tissue. Some individuals don’t respond well to lasabrasion, a technique involving laser energy to cauterize the epidermis. Chemical peels, specifically the superficial peel procedures, are gentler and work over a period of days to lift away the epidermis.

Superficial peels only treat surface imperfections, however. Problems such as acne scarring, age spots, and darkened tissue caused by overexposure to the sun may require a more aggressive chemical peel treatment. Below, we outline the various chemical peel treatments so that you can decide which might be the right choice for your specific concerns.

Performing a Chemical Peel

We will consult with you beforehand so that we can examine your facial features and make a recommendation for treatment. Superficial and medium-depth peels require little to no preparation other than staying out of the sun and keeping the skin clean.

To perform a superficial peel, we apply a mild acid to the skin surface and let it set for about five minutes. We then wash the acid away using a special solvent. After several days, the dried-up epidermal layer begins to flake away. Within a few weeks a new layer forms and this surface skin will be less wrinkled and more evenly toned than what it replaced.

A medium-depth peel uses a slightly strong acid, and the acid sits on the skin for a longer period of time before the face is cleansed. The acid affects the upper portion of the dermal layer. This helps to eliminate certain areas of hyperpigmentation as well as diminish the appearance of blemishes.

A deep peel treatment will affect all skin layers, and this helps create an evenly toned appearance. This peel is less commonly performed and is only recommended for those who have suffered skin problems due to years of overexposure to the sun.

Regularly Scheduled Peel Treatments

A chemical peel that dries up the epidermal layer only can be repeated about once every eight months. Some of our clients work this into their normal skin care regimen because they have seen for themselves how epidermal layer replacement improves their overall appearance.

If you are interested in a chemical peel but aren’t sure how strong your peel should be, contact Nubo Spa today to schedule your consultation! Our educated professionals can help you figure out your skin care goals, which will help us determine how strong your chemical peel needs to be. We are conveniently located in Kensington, CA, and we proudly serve Berkeley and the surrounding areas. 

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