Address Facial Wrinkles With Dermal Fillers

Two of the biggest complaints women make about general aging is the gradual loss of volume and wrinkles. We look in the mirror and see more hollowed facial contours staring back at us with more defined lines and folds. Even a facelift couldn’t address these issues alone. That is why dermal fillers have revolutionized the way we can maintain a natural youthfulness without looking overdone or tightly pulled back. Fillers make it fast and simple because they consist of injections done in-office. There is no anesthesia or set downtime, and best of all, you leave your visit with instant, dramatic results.

High Demand for Fillers

Dermal fillers are FDA-approved and smooth away annoying wrinkles by filling them up and softening the creases. These injections have become extremely popular, and in the United States alone, more than one million people have dermal fillers injected each year.

The treatment is safe, effective and only takes minutes to have done. You can return to your normal daily routine post-treatment, and there aren’t any bandages or wraps to worry about.

Restoring a Smooth Complexion

There probably isn’t a woman in the universe that enjoys seeing wrinkles and folds and the signs of age etched upon her face. Dermal fillers work exceptionally well to plump up the skin, add volume and iron away the wrinkles.

Although other types of injectables can smooth wrinkles, too, it cannot perform as a filler and naturally “fill up” a wrinkle or deep fold in the skin. Dermal fillers add a natural rejuvenation to the facial contours.

If you have any kind of static line, a filler can handle it. For example, the marionette lines that travel down the nose and mouth can be smoothed away and plumped. The vertical lip lines are another common site for dermal fillers.

Filler Varieties to Choose From

Dermal fillers don’t come in one substance. Fortunately, you have a choice of these FDA-approved injectables. The most popular type out there is an HA filler made with hyaluronic acid. This one delivers smoothness and softness to the face and also contains hydrating elements to keep the skin plump and moisturized. Our skilled aesthetic professional can help you decide what type of dermal filler to choose based on your personal beauty goals.

If you’re interested in addressing your facial wrinkles, then make an appointment with us here at Nubo Spa. Our team of skin care experts can explain how dermal fillers can work for you. Contact us today to book an appointment at our spa in Berkeley/Kensington.

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