What Are the Steps of a Hydrafacial in Berkeley?

You don’t have to be a celebrity to want more beautiful skin. Most of us realize that a great-looking complexion is one of the keys to maintaining agelessness. It isn’t easy choosing the proper facial rejuvenation treatments or topicals because it seems like there are thousands out there. Where do you turn when you want real results that don’t cause discomfort during the procedure? You would also prefer not to go home with bandages and creams and hide out for days. You hope to look naturally youthful and radiant but never artificial. One of the hottest beauty treatments trending is the HydraFacial. Women in Berkeley are blown away by the way their skin responds during the high-tech fancy facial.

Suitable for All Ages

The beauty of a HydraFacial is in its universal benefits. The elegant skin care treatment can help people of all skin tones, skin conditions and ages with its special versatility. For instance, if you suffer from acne, the procedure can improve your situation, and it does more than deeply cleanse and purify. The facial also delivers that natural, healthy complexion that glows with superb unclogging so that your pores are barely noticeable.

The treatment also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, evens out your skin tone, and smooths your skin’s texture. Another bonus is an improvement in your skin’s elasticity and firmness. Women walk away with instant results, and many opt to have a HydraFacial before a major event like a wedding, red carpet show, the prom and other key public happenings. The multi-step treatment lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and clients enjoy the procedure, calling it soothing, relaxing, and pampering. One treatment session yields results that can last for a week and longer.

Unique Vortex Technology

A HydraFacial machine is quite sophisticated, and your Berkeley aesthetic expert is well-trained in how to operate the system and use its attached handheld device. The handpiece features four different spiral-designed tips that use several skin care solutions during the treatment.

The large machine’s vacuum technology creates unique vortex effects with pressure to suck out impurities and perform other key rejuvenating actions. The procedure is considered a combination of medical-grade and spa-therapeutic treatments that feel good as your aesthetic specialist moves the spiraled tips over your face during the session. No numbing cream is applied, and there is zero discomfort or irritation.

It isn’t an aggressive technique and won’t blast your skin with grittiness like dermabrasion would do. Instead, the gentle approach uses its patented technology to address numerous skin care concerns at the same time. The system is suitable for a teen with acne to a mature person in their 70s with hyperpigmentation. Some clients say that the facial feels like a cool, wet paintbrush.

That may be why the soothing treatment has become so popular. In 2017 alone, more than 2 million HydraFacials were performed worldwide. The word is out that this is an exceptional skin care advancement.

Four Steps to Fab Skin

When you undergo a HydraFacial, there are four key steps to the session that each bears a special action. The treatment can be tailored to your specific skin care needs with the skin care solutions adjusted during the procedure.

  • Cleansing. As we have all learned at a young age, proper cleansing is essential before starting any aesthetic treatments or applying any skin care serums. First, your skilled aesthetic technician from Berkeley will begin with a manual cleanse. Then, the deeper cleansing is followed by VortexFusion treatment with Activ4. This joins powerful exfoliating lactic acid and glucosamine HCI with antioxidant-rich algae. The combination offers the ultimate conditioning for the complexion. The action removes dead skin cells and sebum to open the pores and make for brighter and softer skin.
  • Exfoliating. To advance the exfoliation process, this step uses another rich combination featuring one of three different levels of glycolic acid (7.5%, 15% or 30%) combined with 1.5% – 2% salicylic acid. The peel is not harsh for complexions and is able to loosen deep pore debris and dirt. The exfoliation conducted by the HydraFacial device imparts a different feeling to the skin versus a traditional chemical peel. In this case, the spiral tip does the physical exfoliation right away, so you don’t have to wait for the solution to penetrate and kick in. This step can help keep the skin clear and may prevent acne pustules from forming.
  • Extracting. During this amazing step, a different spiral tip is employed to vacuum-suction out any blackheads and other complexion impurities like milia with a salicylic acid serum. It is painless and effective extraction, and a hydrating serum is used after to soothe the skin and nourish it.
  • Infusing. For many, this is the favorite and final step of your fancy facial session. It centers around a vortex infusion of antioxidants to seal in your super-clean skin and help maintain its plumpness and suppleness. There are a variety of active botanicals to choose from depending on what you’re looking for in facial rejuvenation.

Some skilled aesthetic experts from Berkeley will perform a short round of LED light therapy following your facial. There are infinite methods for personalizing the treatment to the individual. LED can shine its blue light on acne, or the red light can be utilized to spur fresh collagen and to calm the complexion.

Those who have the procedure say their skin instantly glows and feels ultra-smooth. There is no downtime associated with the facial, but those with very sensitive complexions may experience redness for a few hours post-treatment. You can even apply makeup after your high-tech facial, but your technician may advise staying makeup-free for the first 24 hours to allow the skin to breathe.

No other modern facial out there can do what the HydraFacial in Berkeley can do. It certainly isn’t a laser, and yet, it performs like one and yields excellent skin resurfacing without damaging the skin. Some like to call the technique a non-invasive skin resurfacing treatment, and other skin care experts say it delivers results that can rival IPL or intense-pulsed light procedures.

Extra HydraFacial Tips

Skin care specialists recommend a series of HydraFacial treatments to maximize results and maintain flawless skin. One session a month is advised. To achieve even results, it is best to stop using any Retin-A products or alpha hydroxy acid products three nights before your facial. Both formulas are harsh and could be irritating with the HydraFacial. Every part of the face and neck are treatable with this skin care technology, and even the decolletage area right above the bosom can achieve great results.

The facial also plays well with other skin care procedures and benefits those results. Some clients choose Botox and dermal fillers for added rejuvenation after the facial is completed. Celebrities are obsessed with the fancy facial and often get one right before the red carpet hits. When all cameras are focused up close and personal, your skin will be on display. Many Hollywood stars want to make sure their complexions appear airbrushed, especially when being interviewed out in the sun where every minor imperfection can be detected.

Aesthetic professionals in Berkeley believe that a HydraFacial treatment is an incredible breakthrough in aesthetic technology. The procedure resurfaces the skin and moisturizes it at the same time and offers unique anti-aging therapy. In addition, the facial is comfortable for the skin and immediately effective.

A lot of times, we are offered cosmetic procedures that require some pain, inconvenience and downtime until the delicate skin heals. Most of us prefer treatments that are safe, fast and yield natural-looking effects and allow us to return to our daily normal routine. Some of these procedures only treat one area of concern rather than encompassing the entire face and neck.

If you’re interested in skin that looks healthy, has that attractive glow and looks younger than it is, a HydraFacial treatment may be your cosmetic solution. You can even pencil it in during your lunchtime break. What other treatment has been developed to perform the essentials of cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and antioxidant protection?

That is why the facial is well-received around the globe because it performs for every complexion. It doesn’t matter if you have teenage skin or thin, mature skin, the procedure is gentle and customizable. The same could be said for ethnic skin, dry, oily or sensitive complexions. Every person can benefit from this four-step skin care session. If you have 30 minutes to spare, you can leave the appointment with smoother, more evenly toned skin that glows for days.

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